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Xbox One S : Coming to India on Oct, 5 2017

Microsoft is bringing its all-new Xbox One S to the Indian market on the 5th of October. The One S is priced at 29,990 for the 500 GB version and 34,990 for the 1 TB version which is available for pre-order. The 500 GB variant gets you a copy of Forza Horizon 3 while the 1 TB one gets you Battlefield 1 along with Gears of War 4. It looks like Microsoft will have the One S available in the stores for purchase as well. So if you are someone who does not like buying online you can get one from the nearest store.

The Xbox One S is a more compact but power efficient version of the Xbox One which was launched back in November 2014 in India. Not much has changed in this successor to the Xbox One apart from the addition to HDR which would result in improved image quality and color reproduction considering that your TV supports it. The Xbox One S which previously was missing a Kinetic Port and an external power brick now has been integrated with both.

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The Xbox One S as stated earlier will come out on the 5th of October in India and will be sold on Amazon India and Flipkart through merchant partners, Cloudtail and RetailNet respectively.


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