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Visage Trailer,Release Date,Gameplay and Everything to know

Visage is an independent survival horror video game in development by SadSquare Studio. Similar to Allison Road, the game is a spiritual successor to P.T. The game ran Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns.


The game takes place in a secluded town in the 1980s. The origin of the house the characters are in has been there for centuries, and its foundations never seem to decay. Dozens of families have lived here. Many of them died brutally, while others lived their lives placidly in their beloved home.

According to Visage’s Kickstarter, the house will be the primary location where the events in the game take place. From the Newspapers and the layout of rooms to the TV and radio transmissions, everything contained within the housework together to convey a series of smaller stories linked to the larger overall narrative.


Visage will be set inside a huge house in which terrible things have happened. Players will be shown and will relive fragments of history that will send scares to the player. Each of these fragments will drag players closer to what’s behind the dark history of the place. Players will witness, firsthand, how people died in the terrifying house. Each death has its visage.

“[Visage] is going to feel a lot more like an adventure/play-a-movie game, rather than an action horror game with jump scares all around,” Visage programmer Jonathan Gagné told IGN, pointing to Sierra Entertainment’s 1995 horror adventure Phantasmagoria as another inspiration.

“Visage will make players focus on details,” says Gagné. “You’ll always feel like something’s off, without really knowing what, until a decisive moment.

Release date

The game is expected to release sometime in 2017 for Windows, Xbox, and PS4.


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