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Slovakian developer Fatbot Games brings his first ever game to the market with this action-packed RPG where you explore a multi-level dungeon and fight against monsters.

It’s been a while since the game came out and has received mostly positive reviews on Steam. The game is inspired by old-school games like Dungeon Master I and II, so if you were into those games you’re probably going to like Vaporum. 

Well keeping all that aside here’s everything you should know about the game :

The Story

The game starts off with your character waking up next to a large tower aka the Bunker, completely lost. The tower opens up and well since there’s nothing much you can do you enter this tower filled with monsters. Now you need to explore the tower, avoiding and defeating its security measures on your way to regaining your lost memories and figuring out everything that is going on and how they relate to you.

The Gameplay

The grid-based dungeon crawler RPG with its first-person view uses a square-gridded environment. The game will have you needing to switch weapons quickly to fight different monsters that come your way. You will also need to charge energy cells from time to time to restore your energy. The game is based on real-time and will require you to be quick if you want to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. When you defeat enemies and solve puzzles, you’re often rewarded with equipment. Players can strengthen their character with a variety of items like helmets, gloves, body armor, boots, the main hand weapon, an off-hand weapon or shield, and at least two gadgets. There are nine skills you can choose from: blunt weapons, bladed weapons, handguns, rifles, dual wielding, armorer, blocking, thauma catalyzer and fusion conversion. Each skill has five ranks that help improve your skill. There are also several gadgets/spells for you to choose from. You can equip two of them at the start of the game. Gadgets can deal damage, improve your defenses, and improve your attacks. At first, you can only find “basic” gadgets but as the game progresses you can get “advanced” and “superior” versions.

Character Development

During the starting level of the game, you find three “exo rigs,” and need to choose one.  The exo rigs are basically classes, with “combat” (DPS), “heavy” (tank), or “thauma” (magic) being your options to choose from. With everytime you solve a puzzle or defeat a monster you upgrade your rig. So instead of having health, mana, spells, and skills, you have integrity, energy, gadgets, and circuits. The tower is a research center for a substance called “fumium”, that can be collected by killing your enemies. It’s this alien substance that helps you upgrade the rig.


Vaporum came out on the 28th of September and is available for Windows on Steam.   




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