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Try Sakura Kasugano for free from January 16 until January 23 in Street Fighter V

Try Sakura Kasugano for free from January 16 until January 23 in Street Fighter V

What fun it is to enjoy a free trial period.  Be it games, software, or anything.  Well, to boost up your likes for the Street Fighter video game, Capcom has exciting news for you.

Most of you might be an avid fan of the Street Fighter Game Series.  Whether or not Sakura has become your favourite player, she is the very first who would adorn your screens in the 5th edition.

The Street Fighter V would stage officially for the trial period starting today in the U.S.  Whereas, you have to wait just three more days to unlock it, if you put up on the European base.

In simpler terms, you are free to enjoy the Street Fighter V from January 16 – January 23 ‘2018.  It doesn’t matter if you are a consistent admirer of this game.  Because this week is just a trial period for you.  And throughout, you would get to enjoy with an all new avatar of Sakura Kasugano on board.

Trial period stresses on the attribute that you get to try new costumes and Story mode on Sakura, apart from learning more about her.  Switching over from her previous roles as a sharp learner, Sakura has now matured into an energizing youthful character.

Try Sakura Kasugano for free from January 16 until January 23 in Street Fighter V

Also, you can earn the Fight Money and EXP during this period.  Howbeit, both these reward would disappear when the week comes to a close.  Nevertheless, to grab back these pickings, you can purchase the game from next week.  This would transfer all your earnings into your account for the game ahead.

Moreover, you can also save your accounts from disappearing if you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass or Sakura right away, as the trial period runs simultaneously.

Note that this is the Arcade Edition of the Street Fighter gameplay that is in the pipeline.  Nonetheless, Capcom would release all the modes, including Online Play for you.  This is possible only after you update your game with the Day-1 patch given off by the company today.

What’s on store: Street Fighter V

There is a bunch of new features to look out for in this new edition of the Street Fighter Game.  Have a look at the trailer below.

Once the gameplay gets officiated after the trial period, you not only get Sakura, but all the 28 characters to play the game with.  Further, each of the characters, including Sakura, would carry a second V-Trigger.

With the redesigned UI of the play, you can also delight in the all new Arcade mode.  From Alpha 2, the arena of Kasugano residence makes an irresistible appearance in this series.

To speak about Sakura, she has started several part time jobs as she thinks more about her future and her desire to travel around the world.  But one thing that has not changed is her admiration toward Ryu.  Besides, her love for street fighting continues beyond words.

Watch out for the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as it lands into your PS4 and PC this season!

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