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Thing you probably missed in The Last of Us 2 Extended Trailer PS4 (2018)

With the extended trailer dropping a few days back we could not keep ourselves from making a post on everything you might have missed in this amazing trailer for the Last of Us 2. So here we look at the top 5 things you might have missed in the new extended trailer for this upcoming Naughty Dog game. 

1.The Fireflies are back.

The Fireflies are a revolutionary militia group featured in The Last of Us. Led by Marlene, their goal is the return of all branches of US government in the wake of military oppression. However, with Marlene having been killed by Joel(and many of the fireflies who already died during the game before that point) we can assume that either they have a new leader, or they operate under new (most likely, stricter) rules.

The reason we can’t assume they’re not in commission at all anymore is because a firefly logo is seen painted on a stop sign in the trailer which gives way to their return.

2. Ellie is the Green Arrow now.

This continues from the previous point. If the concept art was correct about the guitar, then that can also mean it’s correct about the bow and arrow see This could mean her main weapon is a bow and arrow, which would make sense as guns are loud (even with silencers on them.)  And in case you’ve forgotten, clickers are attracted to anything that makes too much noise. Notice there’s no tattoo on her arm, however.

green arrow

We can also see what is probably her Joke book from the first game. It’s possible that could be making a return.

3.Time has not been kind to her.

Ellie is 19 years old in this new trailer, and she was 14 in the first game, so there’s a 5-year gap. It’s obvious she’s been through hell and back during those 5 years, and become much more hardened.

This is Ellie then:

ellie then

This is her now:

older ellieweathered ellie

Her serious facial expression strikes some sort of dominance in the game of survival. She looks more confident in her ability to survive. Especially in her ability to kill.

4.The infected are not the main problem anymore

Either The Last Of Us 2 trailer is taking for granted that we already know that the infected are the problem in this world, or it’s telling us that the main problem isn’t them anymore, and is now the normal humans who have become desperate over the past few years.

There’s not one audible or visual aspect of the trailer that mentions an infected human. We do see a dead body in front of Ellie, though but appears to be a normal person.

ellie guitar


5. Ellie has figured out something, and it involves her immunity to the Cordycep infection

Joel enters the room saying:

You really gonna go through with this?

Prompting Ellie to respond with:

I’m gonna find – and I’m gonna kill – every last one of them.

Of course, the first idea that pops into mind is that Ellie is talking about the infected humans. It’s possible she’s figured out how to use her inability to get infected and to further use it to her advantage. This would mean “kill” is referring to “cure”.

Or maybe it means she’ll kill all of the fireflies and other militia that still remain? It’s possible Joel continued to lie to her. In the end of The Last Of Us, he lied to Ellie about the events that took place in the Firefly base where Doctors were going to use her to make a cure, which might skew her intentions initially in the game and maybe this trailer is from early on in the game. This would lead to an interesting plot if she finds out he lied, and could pin her against Joel this time around.

It could also mean she wants every human dead, infected or not. A restart to the world maybe? Maybe her goal is to rebuild the world again? Only time will tell.

The Last of Us Part 2 composer Gustavo Santaolalla said the title is planned to launch exclusively for PS4 in 2019. 

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