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Super Mario Odyssey coming to the Switch soon

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming 3D adventure title coming to the Nintendo Switch. It is part of the humongous Mario series of games and features exploration based gameplay.  The game entered development under the direction of Kenta Motokura in late 2013. The trailer was formally announced at Nintendo’s January 2017 presentation on the Switch. The game has already managed to win a lot of pre-release awards and nominations.


The gameplay is exploration based and follows Mario on his adventure to thwart Bowser’s plans of marrying Princess Peach. The game will see Mario travelling to various levels, known as “Kingdoms”. Travelling to different kingdoms requires Mario to collect objects known as Power Moons which are scattered all over the game’s environment. These power moons help power up the hat shaped airship called The Odyssey.  Each Kingdom has different designs ranging from cities to forests and beaches.



The game also adds a few new moves for Mario. These include throwing his spirit possessed cap (called Cappy) in multiple directions in order to navigate through levels or attacking enemies or making a temporary platform. Another move is called “Capture”, using which Mario can take control of non playable characters by throwing Cappy at them. This also allows him to navigate to difficult to reach spots in the game. The game also features a shop where the coins which have been collected while playing can be spent on hats, outfits and other items.  There is also a photo mode which essentially allows players to pause the game and use the camera to take screenshots. Filters and stickers can also be applied to the screenshot.



The game is highly anticipated and has received positive feedback from the people who have been able to get their hands on it. The open world nature of the game was especially appreciated. Super Mario: Odyssey comes out for the Nintendo Switch on the 27th of October 2017.