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Sims 5 Release Date, Expected Features, Price, News and Rumors

SIMS series is always having grand opening by the masses. It has great impression over the mind of people so after the SIMS 4, they cannot wait for SIMS 5 to be around. SIMS is a versatile video game, packed with ultimate features and themes. This stunning game is discovered by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. This adventurous video game sells like cake and gets huge response by the time now. SIMS series is complete fun game at the same time that has stored lot of response and appreciation in very less time Masses have enjoyed the SIMS 4 game and now it is time to get more love for the SIMS 5. Expectations of more features in the SIMS 5 are obvious. Will it be quite different from its predecessors or fan will see only new added features of the SIMS 5.

Sims 5 Release Date

SIMS 5 is likely to appear on the board 2019. But you cannot say officially anything about the release of the SIMS 5. Anything can be changed at the moment as we are not having any announcement from the developer. It is exploring complete animation graphics and the characters will be more than this video game’s predecessors and also with fine quality. This game is having better control and players can create lot of things themselves. The developer will leave lot of option for the players to govern things in their manner. There is no wonder in having hunger for the SIMS 5 game after the successful journey with its series from SIMS 1 to SIMS 4. People are murmuring about SIMS 5 and its belonging. Hoping to get the worth acknowledgment by the people for the developer’s years of research. It is also declared by the Electronic Arts that after getting the good response for the SIMS 4, they will decide the release of the SIMS 5. The grand project takes time to be unveiled. Maxis also revealed on twitter that SIMS5 will not be released if SIMS 4 will not do good business. His focus is now on SIMS 4 but he will come on SIMS 5 soon. As of now, he is not committing anything so far about SIMS 5. But the work on SIMS 5 has already started. The fan of SIM game is penetrating the fact of its release due to its past record. SIMS was release on February 2000, the SIMS 2 on September 2004, the SIMS 3 on June 2009, the SIMS 4 on 2014 so the latest version will be coming on 2019. The complete 5 years gap of per releases is heading the truth that Maxis will introduce us SIMS 5 in 2019.

Title Release Date
The SIMS February 2000
The SIMS 2 September 2004
The SIMS 3 June 2009
The SIMS 4 September 2014
The SIMS 5 2019?

What is your Features wishlist for the SIMS 5?

Do not be so wonder as the features wishlist can be huge or it can be possible that features wishlist of SIMS 5 will not be as per the people’s expectations. According to the few people SIMS 4 is complete flop so Matris is having pressure to produce SIMS 5 game with advanced features and he will most probably work in progress manner to compensate the drawbacks we are having in Sims 4. Though, SIMS 4 is one of the happening and enjoyable life stimulation video game so far. Check the features wishlist as per the fan’s desire for the SIMS 5.

Advanced technology of SIMS 5

The design of the SIMS 5 will be rocking and there will be the different hair of the characters to keep the interest alive for the players. The hairstyle would be such as braid, wavy, ponytail, straight, bun, upward position of hair and downward position of the hair. The idea is good and the developer has demonstrated the appearance of the character that is eligibly cool.

Eye color

Fan’s expectation from developer to change the eye color of the character is reasonable. It will make SIMS5 game more attractive and it is also expecting that head and the eyebrows will be the targeted change made by developers to reduce the wrinkles. The modification is the thing people want to see to feel the change and to build more interest.

Facial Expression

This is also the area people want to see the big modification. Facial texture will be more customized and its design should be more enhanced and few things can be changed with ease. The portion of the face like nose, nostrils, cheeks, lips, forehead and ear will be designed in a manner to make it more attractive. More than anything the design will be looking more natural as quality will be improved as if you will feel that the characters are real.

Skin and makeup

The color of the skin of the character can be modified and can be given the neat and clean appearance. The different colors will help you to identify the different characters so the developer needs to work in this area to make the game easier. With the help of makeup, there can be many things that can be changed. The facial feature and expression can be improved with the high quality makeup. You can make the graphic amazing and the addition of tattoos in the characters will show its modernity. The 3D quality can be given to the beautiful faces and the face mask will contribute lot in creating positive changes. SIMS 5’s character is going to be more rocking and interesting.

Work on the Body

With the help of latest graphics the character’s body can be more athletics and the muscles of the body will be pumped to make them more powerful. The advanced technology will make the body more strong and it will be quite interesting if we will see that shape of the body modified, muscles, birthmarks and freckles and many other changes. The more professional touch will make the SIMS 5 game massive and desirable.


As far as sound is concerned, there should be more high volume and that is also without compromising on its quality and effect. It will be crystal clear and channelized with better frequency. The musical game will be more rocking and stimulates your mind with its superb quality. One thing is sure that it will far better than its predecessors.


When it comes to the external appearance of the game, it should be more of 3D quality. The images and graphics will give the full effect and you will not compromise on anything. The animated structure and effect of the SIMS 5 will be better undoubtedly but what is in the mind of developer, it will be divulged with time.

Inbuilt Home and its structure

The number of wishlists is long and one of them is home and the desire to have more bedrooms in the home that more members can be adjusted inside. The 3D formats and construction of the floors and furniture will be upgraded and it will be a welcome change. So the effect will be grand and you will that the character is inside the real home. The several things can be done to change the environment of the house. The design of the swimming pool, fences, green trees and other material will be seen with great advancement. The whole effect will be looking original. Must say…

Windows and Doors of the House

The 3D quality of the full house will make the windows and doors of the house more animated and graphical. The belongings like cellar doors, door decorations, wooden doors, the wooden frames of windows will be enthralling and will be highly decorative. The game will be more modernized.

Beds design

The bedroom will be with the added number of beds. Not only this there will be washrooms, passageways, closets, shelves and along with this, the headboards and footboards for more convenient. The bed design will be more convincing. The concept of giving the house more appealing looks than SIMS 5 predecessors is the aim of a developer. The furniture, cushion and every corner with decorative article will be looking more beautiful and amazing. The house will get the complete new construction so the sizes of theme will also be increased.

Parking option

Apart from the house, there is parking option also in the house so you can park the car easily. The garage will be better in looking and you will facilitate with more game points.

Basement and Stairs

The facility of the stairs will be increased in the SIMS 5. I mean you will get the option to choose from the L-shaped and U-shaped stairs. In terms of basement you can have adjusting hilly landscape and it is customized in a manner to give full privilege to the characters. It will be more beautiful and comfortable.

Apart from the exterior features, you can check other features also that explore SIMS 5 in great manner.

Good Timing

The timing is perfect and accuracy is incredible. All the activities in this game are in amazing flow. From being in the house to taking breakfast and few times is for taking shower. Everything is in great mode and Maxis is trying all possible way to make the game more rejoicing. The video game like has always come up with the improvement with its advanced technology.

Pets and Seasons

It is likely to believe that in the SIMS 5 the pets and season. The pets will be present in the superb picture quality support. Maxis can make some improvement in this area to make the game more organized and lovable.

The toddler stage

Yup the toddler stage can be there for the kid’s convenience. They can have fun with their level. That stage is not designed for the entertainment of the toddler but also make them aware of the advanced technology. It will build their IQ with new level and building the skills will absolutely yes for parents.

Different vehicles

SIMS 5 will be featured of having cars and motorbikes in it. It is absolutely in murmuring mode that there could be vehicles expansion pack. The vehicles would be cool idea and there is space for the parking. The game will be truly fun and adventurous no doubt.

You can see the wishlist is not so high and we can expect such reasonable changes in the latest SIMS 5 video game. As of now we do not want to break the ice much, there are several people who still do not know about this game. Once they will play, they will enjoy lot.

The buildings, houses, parks and other creative things are amazing to look at, in the SIMS 5 video game. The 3D quality of the video will make things more real and graphical. It is useless to ado about further information about SIMS 5. It is quite far from release and 2019 is too away. There can be more scoops and scandals, developer has to handle in the gap of these years. SIMS 5 is a social media sensation and once it will be released the number of people will not take time in downloading the game. So waiting is fruitful and SIMS 5 can be more popular game than SIMS 4. SMS 4 has got mixed response from the audience but SIMS 5 with more grooming will make its big place in the heart of masses. Till then you can enjoy SIMS 5 predecessors and can download SIMS 4 from Google Play Store and for the iPhone users, they can download the game from iTunes.