Road Redemption: Road Rash deadliest than ever

Remeber Road Rash the game we so religiously use to play back when we were kids and some of us who still do (don’t judge me)! Well, what can you do when a game is so interesting with all the cops behind you and you trying to get rid of them and also win the race.

The game is getting a major overhaul and set to return with new design and graphics and unlike the original Road Rash which was developed and published by gaming giant Electronic Arts Road Redemption game has been developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games.

Road Redemption just like Road Rash will allow players to punch and kick and have them grind their way to finish on the top. The game also manages to keep the gameplay similar to Road Rash while enhancing the graphics quite a bit. On top of that players can use bats and guns to beat their opponents (quite literally in this case!) and win the race.

The game also adds 4 player split screen mode allowing players to enjoy the game offline. In addition to all the new stuff added into this Road Rash “successor,” players will have new tracks to unlock by winning races. Players can also earn cash by completing tasks and other challenges and use the money earned to upgrade their character, bike, and weapons.

The game comes out on the 4th of October for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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