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Project Wight Trailer,Release Date,Gameplay and Everything we know so far

Project Wight is an RPG created by the developer-team “The Outsiders” from Sweden. The game is influenced by monster movies, surrealist poetry, heavy metal album covers and many pop cultural and mythical aspects. Project Wight won’t be your typical RPG game.This time, the player is not the mighty knight or just another hero, but the creature itself, which has to survive in a fictional world with Viking elements, that has almost eradicated most of it’s kind.


One of Project Wight’s key mechanics is that as you age and grow, you develop new abilities. When you are younger, you might be able to climb jump but have almost no attacking skill. As time passes you grow bigger, stronger, and angrier, developing gliding flaps on your arms, and a deafening roar, and also – most importantly – unsheathe devastating claws. Now you can take revenge on those who have hunted your species almost to extinction.

The game does not give you swords or bows to attack. Instead, you use teeth and claws. But that’s not it: the demo shows the creature using an ear-splitting roar to stun the humans charging it. You can even take down your enemies Midair, whilst an adolescent, you can jump down from high locations and swoop down on unsuspecting enemies below.

Release date

The game is designed keeping PC-gamers in mind and will be available on Windows-based systems. But there has been no news about the release date yet.

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