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Praey for the Gods : Kill the very Gods you believe in

For a long time now Praey to the Gods has been a highly anticipated game among the indie loving fans across all platforms. That could be because of the hugely apparent Shadow of the Colossus inspiration, since that might give long time fans of the huge PS2 hit a sequel of sorts or it could be because people are genuinely excited for this game. We’ll have to wait a little to find out the answer to that question as the game is still in its pre-alpha stage. However, the developers of the game, No Matter Studios have managed to raise upwards of $500k via crowdfunding campaigns. Development began in 2014.

Praey of the gods follows an action survival gameplay style with the player starting of their journey on a frozen island with no equipment.  Here on out the player must fight giant enemies while crafting the weapons on their own. The game features an intricate exhaustion method where simple tasks like walking into a snow storm or trudging along the deep end of the fallen snow will have a negative impact on the player’s health and stats. Health can be replenished by taking refuge in shelters or caves. Being exhausted makes it easier for the player to be caught by the giants. Furthermore, actions like dodging and sprinting will affect the stats and speed of the player as well. Apart from these details, not a lot about the game is known as of now.

The title of the game was changed from “Prey to the Gods” to the currently implemented “Praey to the Gods” following a dispute with game developing mammoths Bethesda on the similarity that the title of the game beared to one of their titles, “Prey”

Praey to the gods is currently in development and is expected to come out for PS4, Xbox, Steam and Windows.

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