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Paladins: BATTLEGROUNDS a Battleground inspired mode to arrive this year


In the last few months, the Battle Royale style of gaming has gained a lot of traction and become extremely popular due to extensive coverage from the online gaming community. At the forefront of this craze was the 2017 game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or as it is lovingly known in the gaming community, PUBG.

While the game was criticised to be extremely buggy and overpriced by some, there was no stopping it. PUBG hit the early access Steam store on Windows in early 2017 and in spite of being in it’s beta stage, the game reportedly made more than $11 million in the first few days of it’s availability.

PUBG has managed to gain popularity overtime and the stable version of the game released on 20th December 2017 with an Xbox One version following later in the same month. By the end of 2017, the Steam edition of the game had sold over twenty-four million copies and the Xbox One edition had sold more than a million copies since release making it the 4th best selling game on the Xbox One platform.

And now it seems more games want in on the big numbers. Enter Paladins: Battlegrounds.



Characters and game modes

Paladins has been a great success in and of itself (17 million downloads overall and forty thousand average active players in September 2017, a year after it’s release). The game follows a simplistic shooter approach with players choosing characters called “Champions” to play the game in 6 different modes.

The modes range from the basic “Siege” which allows the player to join a team and take control of the map’s centre to “Co-op” in which a team of five players go head to head against an AI team that boasts unique abilities. There are also “Test Maps” that are untested and are primarily meant for developers to test the game’s data in order to help them introduce new maps into the game.

However, the developers of Paladins, American video game developers Hi-Rez Studios are now ready to enter the huge Battle Royale style of games with Paladins: Battlegrounds.


The new game mode follows the traditional Battle Royale style in which a number of players (usually 100) enter a map with the intent of defeating others in order to come out on top. This gameplay style mostly focuses on solo players but in Paladins: Battlegrounds, players must play in teams of 4.


Players can choose from a vast variety of characters

At the beginning of each game, the players get to choose a character for themselves from 8 randomised characters that they already possess. For cases in which the player has no characters of their own, they will get to choose one from four characters. These 4 characters will each be chosen from the 4 classes that already exist in the game.

Maps and loot

Two or more players on the same team may also choose the same character. The player may summon a mount for travelling in the vast areas of the map but that takes a few seconds. The maps in this mode of the game are also 300 times bigger than regular maps so as to accommodate all the players.


An image of the new mode’s map

The mode also features an extensive loot mechanism and in every match there is a chest in the smack dab middle of the map that spawns gear of legendary rarity. The available area in which a player may play keeps reducing as the game progresses and is signified by a fog rolling in on that portion of the map. The developers also confirmed that once the battlegrounds mode is good to go, they will release new characters in the game.

Release and Availability

Paladins: Battlegrounds is expecting to release a beta by the end of the first quarter of 2018. As of the writing of this article, Paladins: Champions of the Realm is available as a free to play title on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and MacOS.

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