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Overwatch – New Cosmetics Skins Update Live : Legendary Loot Box and Blizzard Map available to Play

Blizzard made some really interesting announcement at Blizzcon 2017, including a new character Moira, adding another healer to the game. There was also the reveal of a new upcoming map: Blizzard World, a Disneyland-esque theme park. The map will go live sometime today, along with a number of new skins and other extras.

Blizzard World is a hybrid type map that begins as point capture and changes to escort, drawing inspiration from Numbani. Otherwise, Blizzard World is an ocular delight. From creating rides and zones patterned after particular locations to events from Blizzard’s roster of games the map does everything right.

The map can be thought of as a tribute to Disney’s parks: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, with the centerpiece of Disneyland and Disneyworld being replaced by WarCraft’s Stormwind Keep, while the lake with Darkmoon Ferris Wheel looks quite similar to the waterfront section of Disney’s California Adventure.

That isn’t it, there’s more than just a map in this update. Players get 100 new cosmetic items to find in loot boxes. Out of the 100, 17 of them are new skins: While some of them are a tribute to characters in other Blizzard games, like Barbarian Zarya or Nova Widowmaker, others are from Overwatch short animations, like Crusader Reinhardt or Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei. The new items include 17 new skins: 12 Legendaries, and five Epics. A few of these skins were revealed in the lead up to the update’s release.

The other 83 are standard loot box fare, including emotes, highlight intros and sprays. These loot boxes are an addition to the core cosmetics pool, meaning that they aren’t event-bound and can be earned year-round.

The free cosmetic update is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A new Overwatch hero is currently in testing, though there hasn’t been any mention of a release date yet. It has also been reported that Blizzard has plans for a Lunar New Year event in which they are expected to bring back the Uprising and Anniversary events in the coming months.