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Mobile Racing Title ‘The Danger Games’ coming to Nintendo Switch; Previously available on Android and iOS

The Danger Games is a mobile racing game which was recently announced by 9th Impact Studios for the Nintendo Switch. Previously available for Android and iOS, the app is based on English TV series for kids Danger Mouse.

The game features various track events that you can compete in alongside friends and enemies such as Penfold, Colonel K, and the antihero Baron Greenback. The game also introduces a new character, Jeopardy Mouse, who wasn’t in the 80’s version and does appear to have a unique style as compared to the other characters.

The Danger Games draws inspiration from Quark Games, Winner of Gamescom 2017 ‘Most Innovative’ game award. You can either take part in a multiplayer race battle or a trading card game. You can also take on single-player missions or go head-to-head with other players.

In the danger games, there are a number of characters to chose from including Silas Greenback, Danger Mouse, his assistant Penfold and several others as you climb up various levels.

Like most other competitive racing games, The Danger Games too is all about picking up the ideal power-up that can provide you a benefit in getting first place. However, the game is terribly paced, particularly when DM gets in his famous Danger Car and appears to travel with less speed than he did on foot.

It looks like, the move from mobile to Switch will be fairly flawless. Even though it is much easier to just port the game, the team is apparently working on revamping it for the Switch so it’ll be curious to see what changes are made in the process. It’ll also be interesting to see whether the quality of the game will stand out among all its counterparts, and what the asking price will be.

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