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Microsoft Cooked up a XBOX for Sea of Thieves Controller available 15 February in UK

Microsoft is launching a limited-edition Xbox One controller like it always does with most of its big releases. This time it will be for its swashbuckling pirate action/adventure game Sea of Thieves. The controller has a deep purple translucent design, with a skull in the middle that glows in the dark. The gamepad also sports “laser-etched barnacles”, while one of the triggers sports a golden color.

Also, it comes with the “Ferryman Clothing Set” DLC, along with 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.  Being, of course, the newer-model controller, it has Bluetooth support for use with Windows 10 PC and tablets. In terms of consoles, it supports Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

You can pre-order one here on Microsoft’s website.

The controller launches on February 6 in the US and February 15 in the UK, which is more than a month before Sea of Thieves hits shelves on March 20 for Xbox One and PC.

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