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Mercy Becomes Popular Than Ever After Getting A Makeover This Month

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you have at least heard of, if not played, Overwatch.  The multiplayer online first person shooter which was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was released in May 2016 has received massively positive reception from the gaming community and managed to remain relevant more than a year after its release.

One of the game’s many characters is the Healer who is known in game as Mercy. Mercy was on the receiving end of a massive makeover this month and the changes have rendered her the most popular troop across all levels of co,petetive play in the game according tp data collected by the fan run site Omnic Meta.

With the balance changes that the game introduced with the 1.5 patch update, Mercy was given the ability to resurrect players, but on a 30 second cooldown. Only one player at a time can be resurrected. This has brought about what is called a “tempo revive” which essentially means she revives one player that’s been defeated every 30 seconds.

This has increased her usage rate across the game’s levels with higher tier levels seeing an almost 100% pick rate. This in turn has also sort of stabilized her win rates across all tiers since practically everyone is using her and one of two healers has to lose after all.

For now, it’s almost inevitable that she will receive a nerf in the future since she literally has an almost 100% pick rate. There has been no statement from Blizzard Entertainment on the issue yet.

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