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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm a Masterpiece of 2017


Life Is Strange : Before the Storm, the episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Deck nine (using Unity game engine) and published by Square Enix. The 3 episodes released between the time span of August ’17 and December ’17. The game works for platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. It is a single-player mode game. Leaked images made their way online indicating a prequel to Life Is Strange was being developed, prior to the actual announcement.


Before the Storm gives a more intimate introduction to the character of Chloe Price.  Chloe was present in the original series, as the hell raiser best friend of Max Caulfield. Knowing about Chloe’s future so much at this given point, it’s remarkable how much freedom we do have. We have a great influence to form Chloe’s life dependent on the decisions we make during the play. The game also includes the first appearance of Rachel Amber, of whom we have only heard rumours about in the original series. The Life Is Strange community showed concerns about destroying the allure of Rachel’s mystery character when they found out. Turns out, in reality, her character added the amazing story line if the game. The chemistry between Chloe and Rachel turned out to be just right. The deluxe edition contains a bonus chapter, “Farewell”, featuring Max Caulfield as a playable character.


The game play includes controlling the life and actions of the 16 year old girl, Chloe Price, three years earlier, than Life Is Strange. The game plays on the strengths of Chloe’s character including social manipulation which includes the new interesting feature, the ability to “Backtalk”. “Backtalk” can work to call upon Chloe to get out certain precarious situations. “Backtalk” is also addressed as a verbal Tug O’ War, but using this ability can also make situations worse. Adding this new ability, the game does lack the ability to time travel. Certain decisions will affect the outcomes of the game temporarily or permanently. The player can also interact with the environment and alter it to their pleasing, such as making graffiti on walls.


Critics appreciated Episode 1: Awake the most on the developed characters of Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. They found Chloe as “endearing”, and Rachel as the most authentic character and “grounded”. Coming to Episode 2: Brave New World, It got it’s glory to be one of the series’ greatest. The flatter being directed to it’s decision making situations and how they had such a “profound effect” on the outcomes of the game.

Before the Storm makes you forget that you know the fate’s of the characters you are playing. It’s the prequel, the original series could have asked for. It enhances the experiences of not just the game alone, but also the original series.