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Legendary Pokemon Kyogre now available in Pokemon Go

Since releasing Pokemon GO back in July 2016 for iOS and later Android, developer and publisher Niantic have had to face numerous issues from the get go. From a premature and rushed release that was extremely buggy to facing criticisms for developing a game that was considered to be a legitimate safety issue for the public, (Niantic had to put in a warning in the game to remind people to be aware of their surroundings and not play the game while driving) this game has seen it all.

However, when the initial craze died down and Niantic started sending out fixes and patches for the game, what was left was the players that Niantic had to work with and for. And after more than a year of waiting, they added to the game a feature that was most anticipated: Legendary Pokemon.

Kyogre, the water type legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region that was featured in the 2003 Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Sapphire was made availabe in the massive AR mobile game Pokemon GO. Kyogre was released on the 12th of January and will be obtainable in raid battles worldwide till the 14th of February.

Raid battles in Pokemon GO are multiplayer battles that have five tiers of difficulty and where upto 20 players can fight hard to catch Pokemon together in order to defeat it and thus catch it easily. The players performance in the raid decides how many Premier Pokeballs they will obtain order to try and capture the Pokemon. Once all the Premier balls are used, the Pokemon will flee.

Kyogre as it appears in the game

In order to capture the Kyogre, players will not be needing a special invitation which was the case when Mewtwo was released. Unlike Mewtwo, Kyogre can be captured as a part of regular raid battles.

Developers Niantic have released numerous legendaries in the game since the last year and the last legendary to be added in to the game was Pokemon Sapphire’s Groudon.

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