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LAST YEAR Release Date, Feature, Trailer, News, Maps and Playable Characters

Last Year Trailer Gameplay and everything to know

Last Year is a 5 vs 1 multiplayer survival horror game where 5 players play as a group of classic high school characters and must survive against one player that’s playing as the Killer. As the students, your goal is to escape from East Side Highschool and make it out alive. You’ll need to work together by searching for resources and crafting weapons if you expect to survive in Last Years 80’s kinda environment.

Last Year lets you play as the Killer which is a completely different experience and you’ll be hunting down and ambushing the other players as they try to escape. There are multiple killer types to choose from and each one has its own unique weapons and abilities which lets you choose the playing style you want. You can move quick and light as The Strangler, or go in heavy as The Slasher. All the Killers have predator mode which lets them unspawn and turn invisible. This lets Killers appear from anywhere, ensuring students are never fully safe.

Characters: How Many Playable Characters are There in Last Year?

There are 7 characters in total which include 5 survivors and 3 killers.

The 5 survivors are:

Last Year The game, characters,gameplay TRailer and everything to know


1. Chad: Chad is a 6-foot tall guy who is the captain of the football team and has a reputation of a being a bully and a party animal. Chad is the Assault class and he’s able to defend the group and stun the Killer with powerful melee attacks.

2. Troy: Troy is the Support Class and he’s best friends and fellow teammates with Chad. Troy has a secondary ability to lay traps for The Killer.

3.  Amber: Amber is Chad’s girlfriend and the most popular girl in school. Her interest lies in shopping and makeup. She is extremely fast and able to spot traps and obstacles for other players.

4. Nick: Nick is a computer and electronics wizard and he’s the president of the Chess Club. As the Technician class, he’s able to pick locks, repair phone lines, and hack the school’s computers to help the group stay alive and escape.

5. Samantha: Samantha is the most unpopular girl at East Side and is secretly in love with Chad who has no clue who she is. She has a picture of him in her locker and dreams of the day when he’ll finally ask her to the prom. She spends her summers at Camp where she learned first aid skills that make her the team’s Medic class.

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The 3 killers in LAST YEAR  you can choose from are:

1. The Slasher: First we have the Slasher who is the crazed janitor from East Side High. His preferred weapons include machetes, axes, and even chainsaws. He’s the strongest and fastest of the Killers and is able to eliminate his victims with melee attacks and laying deadly traps.

2. The Strangler: Next we have the Strangler who is a deranged hobo that likes to strangle his victims with his bare hands. As the Strangler you’re able to dash and grab a victim. Once grabbed, you can kidnap the player and drag them away to another location, forcing the others to decide whether to come to the rescue or save themselves.

3. The Giant: At last we have the Giant who is an escaped convict with a thirst for teenage blood. This 6’8 monster has abilities which include grabbing players and throwing them across the level or against a wall. He’s strong and able to take a lot of damage, but he’s slower and less agile than the Strangler and Slasher.


How Maps Are Available In Last Year?

Players will be able to play in four different locations including the High School, The Mall, The Suburbs and The Summer Camp.

1. The High School: Playing the High Schoool map allow players to grab melee weapons from the shop class, health packs in the nurses office, or build a bomb in the science class.

2. The Mall: The Mall will have you and your friends roam the halls as you try to survive the night. It’s complete with an arcade, department store, elevators and secret passages you’ll use to hide from or ambush your enemies

3. The Suburbs: In the Suburbs you’ll explore garages, basements and tree forts as you look for ways to hide. When playing as the Killer you’ll lurk in the shadows, silently hunting your prey throughout a classic movie neighborhood.

4. The Summer Camp: At last we have The Silver Lake Summer Camp. From the moment you start you’ll be on the run and you’ll need to use the environment to your advantage if you expect to stay alive.

Release date: What is The Release Date of Last Year?

The beta for the game is expected to come out sometime in October.

You can find out more at their official website here.

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