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Konami confirms Metal Gear Survive will have Microtransactions!

Metal Gear Survive is an upcoming title in the Metal Gear series of games developed by Japanese game developers and entertainment company Konami. What is to be noted here is the fact that this is the first Metal Gear game to release since the departure of series creator Hideo Kojima back in the year 2015.

More information about the survival action title has been revealed by Konami and it sheds light on some very important details about the game that long time fans have been waiting for.

To begin with, Jennifer Tsang stated that the game’s campaign mode might take somewhere around 20 hours to finish and the game will feature a co-operative and multiplayer modes apart from the Campaign one.

Yuji Torekado, who is looking over the producer duties for the game also mentioned that Metal Gear Survive will be different from other previous titles in the Metal Gear series of games.



His statement to the Xbox Magazine reads as follows:

“The game retains the stealth action that has made the series such a success and adds new gameplay elements – including survival. The result is a Metal Gear title unlike any before”

Also another important piece of information about Metal Gear Survive is the fact that in order to play the game, a player will require a constant internet connection at all times. The internet connection is needed throughout the game irrespective of the mode which the player intends to play.


According to Konami this constant internet connection is necessary for a player to “seamlessly” switch between single player campaign mode and multiplayer or co op mode.

Metal Gear Survive will also have micro transactions in the game’s store. What this essentially boils down to is that the players can spend real money in order to obtain the in game currency, which may be used for various purposes in the game itself. In the case of Metal Gear Survive, the player can purchase boost passes for a game or supporting their teammates. In game currency can also be earned via playing the game itself.

Metal Gear Survive will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on the 22nd of February 2018.

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