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How to Win Big Playing Online Rummy?

How to Play Online Rummy and How You Can Win Big Cash?

Rummy is a game of skill and only skill as per the Indian Government. This game is played in various parts of India. People can bet and put money and if they win, they win lots of cash. With time Online Rummy is gaining popularity among card game enthusiasts.

The rules of the game

In a standard set of 52 cards, there will be 4 suits – Diamond, Heats, Spade and Clubs. Each suite has 13 cards each, that makes it a total of 52. There will be a dealer who deals the game. He/she is generally chosen by an act of dealing cards and choosing a card. The person who chooses the least card deals and distributes 13 cards to every player one by one. Once all the cards are distributed, the first card from the deck is kept by the dealer on top and this is open for everyone to see and the first player who starts will either pick that card or the closed cards from the deck kept aside. That person has to throw one card down (either the card he picked or any waste card that he does not require) and the chances go on. In Rummy each card carries the same points as the number on the card and the bigger cards – 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace carries 10 points each. Player has to bet an amount and try to make 4 pairs. The order of cards will be Ascending (smallest to highest). The player who declares the cards first and has the sets as per Rummy Rules is declared the winner.

Twist in the game

Another twist in the game is the use of Joker. There are 2 Jokers (Printed Jokers) in the game and if that group wants they can assign 3 more Jokers by selecting a card from the deck and turning it side down and keep the open card beneath the deck of cards which was kept aside. If this card chosen is a 4 for example, this 4 and the 2 extra jokers can be used Instead of any card in the pairs that people make (however, they will carry no points). Joker cannot be used in a Pure sequence (1 Pure sequence is mandatory to win). Jokers are called Wildcard by many.

Importance of a sequence

The sequence is a valid sequence only if 3 or more cards of the same suit are arranged in ascending order. A set is made with three cards or more with different suits but the same number on it. A person is declared a winner if he/she makes all the sets before others make it. People who do not win, their points are calculated based on how many sets were made when the winner finishes the game.

Cash winner

Play Rummy to win cash when played online as well. There are various bonuses offered by online websites. These websites offer free cash and bonuses when a person signs up with these websites. Once a player plays rummy on that website, these bonuses can be withdrawn. These bonuses can also be used to play more games and win and withdraw the winning bonuses along with the joining bonus. There are many occasional bonuses offers as well where there is a code that needs to be entered while depositing cash and within a few days they credit the amount to the account.

Promotional offers

Many websites offer Promotions as well where the rule is to win maximum Rummy games and win them to get awarded with bonuses and real prize money. There are many festive season offers provided by these websites. In many instances, a person can win many cash prizes and also bonuses/gift vouchers.

Enrolling for cash tournaments

There is also another way to win a cash prize – by enrolling for cash tournaments. Players can play any type of game – Points game, Pool or a Deal based on their experience and buy-in value. Freeroll contests generally have small bonuses and cash prizes however if a player wants more cash prizes, as per their experience they can join the major tournaments. Many Multi-level tournaments are also organized that go on for days together and the rewards are an entry to the grand finale or even cash prizes that are worth a million.

The rummy app

There are also websites that offer the Rummy app to be downloaded on mobile so players can play Rummy from anywhere on their mobile and win lots of cash as the bonus.

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