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GoWise Air Fryers

goWISE USA is a manufacturing company specializing in products that help make your life easier and healthier. The primary goal of goWISE USA is to offer healthier products that assist in providing people with a healthier lifestyle. goWISE USA not only makes kitchen products like air fryers but it also makes bathroom scales and blood pressure monitors.

They provide their users with recipes as well; these recipes take into concern the effects of oil-filled food.

Air fryers use highly heated air and air movement to cook the food present in its heat chamber. There are hundreds of restaurants out there that provide us with healthier food options, but they are costly. After all, there is a reason why healthy food is so expensive, and fast food is so cheap.

goWISE Best Air Fryers:

Touch Screen 3.7-quart 7-in-1 Air fryer

This air fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite snacks without worrying about any health issues. It uses rapid air circulation technology for ‘frying’ the food. It consists of an exhaust fan, a heat chamber, and a heating element. You can air fry your favorite foods with little to no oil. This hot air fryer also has an indicator which lets you know when the cooking time has reached. It has a digital LCD control as well. The food basket can hold up to 3.7-quarts of food. It comes with a recipe book as well.

3.7-quart 7-in-1 air Fryer

This commercial air fryer is not very different from the touchscreen air fryer. This gowise air fryer does not have a touchscreen. This air fryer is designed to automatically turn off when the basket is removed from the air fryer. The 7 represents Fries / Chips, Meat, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak, Fish

2.75-quart Air fryer – Retro collection

This model is like a mini air fryer. Like any other air fryer, this hot air fryer also uses the rapid air technology, and it is capable of frying food with minimal or no oil at all. This air fryer is a part of the retro collection. It can only hold a small quantity of food which is 2.75-quarts. It can be used for smaller spaces and at places where bulk frying doesn’t need to take place. The features of all goWise air fryers resemble a lot with a timer and auto-stop functions.

8-in-1 Air Fryer XL 5.8-qt

This gowise air fryer can hold a significant amount of food in its heating basket. It is also a touchscreen machine and allows the user to program every specific detail manually. This air fryer is like a match made in heaven for all the mini chefs out there. It has a cool to touch and handle exterior which makes it easier to keep a check on the food from time to time. It uses the same rapid air circulation technology.

This fryer has eight built-in smart programs which include fries, pork, shrimp, cake, chicken, steak, fish, and pizza!