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God of War North myth: And Only Rage remained tells a story of a Draugr

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This month’s Pages from the book of north mythology features the story of a man and how he turn in to a Draugr in his journey of life and Death.Narrated by Jason Weiser, every month Playstation on their YouTube channel reveals a page from the book of North Mythology taking us in an epic journey of various creatures and remnents in the world of God of War.

So this months Podcast named ‘And Only Rage Remained’ reveals a story of a ‘Drauger’ and how he ought to be one and his origins.He was not always a

Drauger, a twisted horror cursed to wander Midgaurd but with a single thought by pulling his husk of a body to continue to drag his feet across the norse wilds.A creature of unquenchable thirst and rage.

As it turns out the Draugr was not always an ebodiment of Rage and Anger which droves him on these lands and spreading this rage to anyone he encounter.HeĀ  was a man with one goal only.To protect his child and family with what he had.He had only one rule in life.’NEVER YIELD’. This is a story of a man Faced by challenges and every ups a down of a time where misery and fight for food was a part of life. Listen to the story of a man who came to be a creature of Rage trying to save what he had.

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