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GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS 3: Intrigue New Expansion adding politics and government

Windows PC exclusive turn based strategy game Galactic Civilizations 3 will be getting a new expansion called “Intrigue”, developers Stardock Entertainment announced via a trailer. Galactic Civilizations has proved to be a huge hit amongst turn based space adventure game enthusiasts and since it’s initial release in May 2015, the game has only seen the release of one expansion titled Mercenaries which was released in February of 2016.

The most recently announced expansion, Intrigue, will be bringing the complications of government and with it politics in to the game. According to Stardock Entertainment, the expansion will give players the choice of choosing between different forms of governments for their empire. Alongside choosing the type of government, players will also be able to chose the cabinet members of that very government.



As a player’s empire gradually grows, they will get to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of government and therefore analyse for effectively which government type works best for their playing method or style.

The Intrigue expansion will also add what the developers have decided to call the “Galactic News Network” which is basically a form of notification system that will notify players of the happenings across the galaxy such as coalitions and wars. A “commonwealth” system will also be introduced which will essentially let the players run the empires that come under the commonwealth to be controlled and governed by an AI assistant.



Perhaps most interestingly, the Intrigue expansion will add new features to the “Galactic Bazzar” which will offer more items to buy and the prices of said items will continue to fluctuate based on the demand and supply of the market.

Finally, there will be numerous new features within the game such as new ships, new weapons and various other technologies that the player will require in order to effectively manage their empire.

The Intrigue expansion for Galactic Empire 3 is slate for release sometime in spring 2018 and will cost $15 if a player pre orders or $20 otherwise.

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