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Final Fantasy XIV: Kefka, Phantom Train Spotted in ‘Rise of a New Sun’ Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV: Kefka, Phantom Train Spotted in 'Rise of a New Sun' Trailer

Do you fancy a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG)?  Well, if so, then remain hooked to your screens for the 30th of this month.  Wait with patience until you can freely unleash the Final Fantasy XIV.

If you are in for a performance action this new year, then get ready to introduce yourself to the FFXIV Patch 4.2.  Prior to its scheduled release on January 30, Final Fantasy XIV is out with its spellbound trailer.  Have a look below.

As you must have watched, one of the most iconic bosses of FFXIV, the Phantom Train is caught on a battle at the start of the trailer.  While, towards the end, you can’t miss out the evil laughter of Kefka, the main antagonist seen in FFVI.

The main scenario in the 4.2 patch is taken over by the story titled ‘Rise of a new Sun’.  This revolves around the heroic acts of Warrior of Lights to save its city Ala Mhigo from destruction.  While the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are seen surviving the emanating winds of trouble from the Far East.

Apart from the main story, The Jade Stoa fulfills your quest of a side story.  This would leave you dazzled among the samurai Tenzen and the four Lords battling against a host of oni.

Final Fantasy XIV: Kefka, Phantom Train Spotted in 'Rise of a New Sun' Trailer

Furthermore, you get to hold a new map for the Crystal Tower Training Grounds.  Besides, you can become a part of new PvP team consisting of 6 players in each.  Now, the battles have turned more dynamic and shorter than the earlier ones.  Thus, you can enjoy the crisp and crunchy mode of the game alongside a revamped UI.

Additional updates in the Final Fantasy XIV include a subaquatic voyage, new mounts and a fashion report.  You can check out in more detail here.

With over 10 million players around the globe, don’t corner yourself from this fantasy multi-player game series.  You can enjoy this purely on your PC and PS4.

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