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ELEAGUE Major Boston: Legends Stage: Day 1

The ELEAGUE Major: Boston began yesterday with plenty of one-sided games. Gambit Esports and SK were the only two Legends to secure a win in the first round of the Swiss format.

Gambit picked Nuke against NaVi in the first game and well, it was a one-sided affair as apart from Simple none of the NaVi players looked to have an answer against the onslaught from Gambit. AdreN looked in amazing form with 27 kills and 2 assists and only 12 deaths. Dosia was another Gambit player who looked in good form with 25 kills. Eventually, Gambit won the game16-5.

The day started off with Vega Squadron going up against North on Overpass (16-10) and Quantum Bellator Fire against Virtus Pro on Cache (16-3). Legend teams BIG and Fnatic also lost their respective matches. BIG Clan lost big to Team Liquid on Inferno 16-6, while FaZe Clan went past Fnatic 16-8, with Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer destroying his former Major-winning teammates with a 25-kill top frag.

In the Second half of the day, Mousesports defeated Cache as their dominant map pick against a not so confident Astralis who saw their star player dev1ce return back after a medical leave, as the score was 16-2. G2 Esports also played some amazing CounterStike against North American favorite Cloud9, as they managed to defeat them quite easily on Cache at 16-8. Cloud9 didn’t have much to be happy about in that game except for Tarik, the only Cloud9 player who showed some fight with 26 kills and 4 assists against the French team. NBK too had a great performance, out-fragging many of his star teammates at 27 kills and a 106 average damage per round.

The finale was the closest match on Friday, as SK Gaming narrowly defeated Space Soldiers 16-13 on Mirage to end the day on a high note for the Legend teams.

The second day of action at the New Legends stage of the $1 million Major begins at 10 am ET today.

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