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ELEAGUE Major Boston Day 2 : As it Happened

The Second day of the $1 million ELEAGUE Major: Boston upped the ante, as we got to witness some great matches.

At the start of the day, defending Major champion Gambit Esports took a hard overtime loss 19-16 on Inferno against their CIS counterpart Quantum Bellator Fire. In spite of the loss, Dosia and AdreN continued their good form with the former ending up with 29 kills and 9 assists. AdreN too managed to rack up an impressive 26 kills followed by 8 assists.  Inferno was also where G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Natus Vincere secured their later victories. G2 defeated Team Liquid 16-8, Fnatic topped a struggling Virtus Pro 16-6, and Na’Vi absolutely humiliated BIG 16-1 with electronic being the top fragger with 23 kills followed by flamie and s1mple with 18 kills each.

Byali of VP was also found playing PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds during the Major, and he subsequently received a ton of criticism for it. VP is currently on the verge of elimination with a 0-2 record.

The other 1-0 high involved giants FaZe and SK who yet again proved why they’re the best in the game. FaZe got their revenge against Vega Squadron (16-3) on Train after they had earlier lost to the CIS dark horse in the New Challenger stage last weekend. As for SK, Coldzera yet again showed why he is one of best players in this game as he top-fragged with 32 kills in the Brazilian team’s 16-12 Mirage victory over Mousesports.

North American team Cloud9 didn’t have much going their way as they lost to the rising Turkish team Space Soldiers with the match involving Ahmet “pag” Karahoca getting an AWP ace against the uncoordinated C9 offense.

To end the day, we saw the previous ELEAGUE Major champion Astralis mount an incredible comeback against North who were leading with a score of 12-3 at halftime. The match ended after an intense last round with the Danish derby winning it 16-14. North now are down to the 0-2 with still no win under their belt.

The third day of action at the New Legends stage will continue today at 10 am ET.