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Dust 2: A New Revamped Version Now available

Valve has done it again. Removed a map from the competitive map pool, the active duty group and then gave it a major overhaul. Dust 2 was removed from the competitive map pool back in February. Dust 2 gave in way to Inferno which also was removed and later revamped and then added back to the pool.


I play a lot of CSGO and was one of the first to play the beta version of the map. To be honest I personally like it. The map now looks a lot cleaner and polished. With lots of new angles to cover, you can now surprise your opponents.

Players now will also need to learn new smokes, flashes, and a few new jump spots that have been added. I think valve has done a good job in refining the map without taking the essence out of it. We still have the cars and the boxes in the same spots, the pillar in upper tunnel stands strong to annoy you when you are in a 1v1 clutch and have very little time to plant the bomb.

In addition, Valve seems to be hearing the CSGO community. In a recent update, Valve has improved and adjusted a few minor bugs that the players were previously complaining about.

New Player Models

One more new change came in the form of player models. Yes, we have new Terrorist player models. The Lee Crew now look a lot more cohesive, badass and iconic with upgraded character models.

The new revamped Dust 2 version comes as a breath of fresh air to a lot of players. The new lighting has made the map a lot brighter.Valve has done a good job in removing a series of dark spots where previously players would camp. The adjusted geometry also helps in moving a lot faster all around the map without you being interrupted by some objects.

Overall I think Valve has done the right thing with giving its community a new Dust 2 remake. Now maybe its time to get the map back to the Active Duty Group or maybe not? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!