DRAGON BALL FighterZ reveals a new character named ‘Android 21’ in Reveal Trailer

Earlier this week Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed a new Android character named Android 21 in their reveal trailer on YouTube. The trailer features a somewhat unconscious Android 18 and Krillin and Goku beside her with a Female doctor tending to her and is said to be Android 21. She looks like a tall and slim girl with Beautiful features and a pair of glasses(Yeah!).

Although the Audio of the Android 21 Reveal Trailer is in Japanese audio, the dialogues are understandable thanx to the English subtitles. Also around the end of the Reveal Trailer, Android 21 reveals that she was a researches employed by the Red Ribbon Army. Whoah!!! expecting a real backstory from here as she still wears a Red Ribbon Army lab coat in the trailer. What kind of part she will play in DRAGON BALL FighterZ? That would be really interesting.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is an 2.5D fighting game by Bandai Namco Entertainment developed by Arc System Works. It is said to be the closest game ever made in terms of character and following the storyline of the Anime and Manga. Even the attacks are similar to the character in the Anime and Manga. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is based on Dragon Ball franchise and will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows Plattforms. The game is said to be released around February 2018.

Here is the Android 21 Reveal Trailer from Bandai Namco Entertainment:

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