Detroit: Become Human: What we know and What to expect

Detroit: Become Human is a highly anticipated game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony and is expected to be released around 2018.It is an Third-person Sci-fi played from the perspective from different player. As shown in the trailers, player will be presented with multiple choices which ultimately decide he fate of the rest of the story.


The main plot revolves around three Androids naming Connor, Kara and Markus.

Conner is supposed to be a highly advanced detective-ish like android whose only puprose is to hunt bad androids(Bad Android BAD!!!).Kara is a freshly manufactured android who coincidentally can feel emotions and all. VOILLA!!. And lastly Markus who is the saviors of all the androids and believes that Androids should be free of Long servitude.

We are superior to them but they are our masters? That’s about to change!!


So the basic gameplay involves around collecting information and looking for paths, Clues and ways to different situations.Depending on the choices you make you will supposedly customize your own story-line as seen in the gameplay trailer.DAMN!!!


In the Video the developer played out several scenarios in which Connor must negotiate with a hostile android in order to save a little girl.