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Destiny 2 : Everything you need to know

So Destiny 2 has been out for a while now for PS4 and Xbox One and is expected to come out on the 24th of October on Windows. Destiny 2 is an online-only shared world shooter set in the distant future where mankind is at war with aliens and must do everything to defend their planet. You play as Guardian, a protector of Earth’s last city who possesses a power called light.

 There’s so much to talk about this action-packed first-person shooter game. So here’s everything you should know about this upcoming PC game.


The Story

The Story begins with Dominus Ghaul, the military emperor of the Cabal Empire who has destroyed the Tower using his Red Legion. Ghaul believes that the Traveler made a mistake in favouring humanity, and uses his attack to strip you of your powers to harness them for Cabal.  Apart from the story missions the game also includes PVE modes, loot-filled dungeons called “Lost Sectors” and side quests called “Adventures”.


The weapon System is now divided into three slots :

  • Kinetic – Includes everything that fires Physical projectiles.
  • Energy – Relates to anything that burns.
  • Power – These are the special weapons.

Also, each of these weapons is branched into categories of rarity, from basic to uncommon, rare, legendary and finally the highly-coveted exotics.


From robotic Vex to the zombie-like Hive they are all here with improved AI which means they adapt quickly to your playstyle. Players now need to adjust according to enemies behavior in the game.

Game Modes

There’s two new game modes, Survival, and Countdown in Destiny 2 for players to showcase their skills. In addition, there are four new maps: the Endless Vale, Midtown, Altar of Flame, and Vostok for players to explore. In Survival, teams share eight lives between them and once they have used it all up, the last team standing wins. Whereas in Countdown mode which looks like was inspired from CounterStrike, players will need to plant the bomb and defend it until it explodes and if you are on the other team you will need to stop the enemy team from planting the bomb.


Destiny 2 has been developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game can be pre-ordered as of now  for $59.99 for the Standard Edition.



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