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Dead End Job: Twin-stick shooter with the iconic look of a 90s cartoon

Dead End Job is an upcoming twin stick shooter developed by Ant Workshop which will see the player taking on the role of one Hector Plasm, a worker at Ghoul-B-Gone, a company that specializes in paranormal pest control. The game’s motive is to blast ghosts and then capture them in a vacuum pack. Every ghost that is caught adds towards the rewards, as do all the citizens that are rescued.

The player is haunted by his partner and mentor who did not return from a job one day. The deceased partner is training the player towards achieving the “Employee of the Month” status and also, avenge him, by killing the ghoul that was responsible for his death.

The game features 90 ish cartoony graphics what the developers have admitted to deriving from the animated series, Ren and Stimpy. The audio was designed by Will Morton who has games like Grand Theft Auto under his roster. The game also natively integrates twitch and allows the viewers to help or hinder the player by choosing their powerups. The game also features a co op mode.


Dead End Job will come out for Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime between late 2018 and early 2019.

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