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Days Gone: Everything you need to know.

Days Gone is an upcoming PS4/PS4 Pro open world horror survival game developed by Sony Bend. The game is visibly influenced by many other successful titles of the same genre like The Last of Us. It was developed on the Unreal Engine 4 and was written by John Garvin with Jeff Ross accompanying him on the director’s chair. The game was demoed at E3 2016.


The game takes place two years after the occurrence of a global catastrophe which wiped out almost all of humanity and transformed most of the remaining into feral cannibalistic beings called “Freakers”. The rest of humanity has now moved to safe zones that they created in the wild.  Freakers are zombie like creatures that are constantly getting smarter and evolving.  Two kinds of Freakers were revealed at the E3 2106 demo, namely, the Newts and The Hordes.

The game follows Deacon St. John, who now works as a bounty hunter and mercenary in return for supplies. He was once also a member of Mongrels MC, a motorcycle club. This is apparent from the patches on his jacket.

The game features hoards of zombie like creatures called Freakers.


Days Gone is set in an Open World environment where a player is supposed to complete objectives. The style of gaming is supposed to be extremely flexible and dynamic with the players being able to play either stealthily or aggressively. The time of the day and weather also affects the behaviour and powers of the Freakers making them slow during the day and faster during the night. Rain will make it easier to sneak on enemies and snow will reduce visibility and make the Freakers stronger. The player will also need to scavenge for fuel  to avoid being stranded somewhere on the bike.

The bike plays an important part in the game

Weapons and Crafting

A player may carry at least two weapons at a time or may use melee weapons like axes. The melee weapons however, do degrade with use. A player can also craft items like proximity bombs to improve combat.  The motorcycle is also key and is utilized for various things like transport, and a mobile inventory which the player may access.  The bike will also be customizable to suit the various weather and day and night cycles.

Melee weapons like axes will wear with use

Development and Release

The game entered development in January 2015 and is expected to release late 2017 or early 2018.







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