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Bungie announces Seasons for Destiny 2!

Bungie, the developers behind the massive online action shooter Destiny 2, recently revealed during a panel at Twitchcon their plans for the game’s immediate and distant future.  According to the developers, the game will have what they are calling “Seasons”. It’s currently the first season going on in the game and the second one is slated for release this winter.

However, before the second season rolls out, Bungie is planning on releasing another Iron Banner and Faction Rally. While no word on their release dates was uttered, they did confirm that it would be before the game’s PC release on the 24th of October. Once all the seasons are out, all season events will operate on the same schedule across platforms.

Bungie currently has made plans for four seasons a year. Each season will feature unique apparel, emotes and gear that will be exclusive to that season alone and inaccessible in other seasons.  As of now, the details of the second season that we are aware of include: Addition of an Ice Hockey mode in the game and the return of the Drawing event, Players can also engage in winter activities, snowball fights for example.  Seasons will reset a player’s clan progress in order to  “make it so that new clans could keep pace with more established, high-level clans.” Bungie also plans on adding new content and events to the game as seasons go on.


Destiny 2’s first expansion, the OSIRIS DLC is slated for release sometime in winter alongside the second season which will be called The Dawning.


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