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Break Arts 2 Lets You Build the Anime Mecha Of Your Dreams

Break Arts 2 is a racing game in which the player gets to design and modify their vehicle to the most basic level. The game serves as a sequel to Break Arts which was only available on mobile platforms. However, with Break Arts 2, Japanese developers MercuryStudio bring it to the PC with Steam.



The mech game brings unprecedented customisation to the table. The players can build their own racing robots from scratch, and use whatever components they might want to use. The game will also let players add parts to their robots which can fold and revolve thus adding numerous possibilities to what a player can achieve.



To add to the madness, players can also incorporate weapons into their racers. These weapons are used to damage the opponents and slowly chip away their parts, all while the opponent tries to do the same to you. The game will also let players build a weapon from scratch, save it and utilise it on another one of their robots later.



During a race, a player may lose parts of their robot from attacks by other players in the game. This ensures that the players create a robot that is well balanced. The developers also released a demo mode prior to the actual release of the game. This demo mode allowed players to customise and create their own robots but did not include any form of racing whatsoever. However, people who buy the game will be able to transfer these self customised designs over to the main game once it’s released.



The players will also be able to create customised animations and poses for their robots. These animations are then used in every game. The actions that can be customised include shooting, braking, accelerating, winning poses and so on.

Break Arts 2 will release for Windows PC via Steam on the 9th of February 2018.

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