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Boyfriend Dungeon Lets you Date your Weapon

Boyfriend Dungeon is an upcoming dungeon crawler indie title from Kitfox Games (who have other games like Moon Hunters and The Shrouded Isle under their belt). The game is a hack and slash title but with a surprising and very, very weird twist.

Boyfriend Dungeon sees the player take on the role of a tiny fighter through monster infested maps and areas. There are a bunch of lost weapons scattered all across the dungeon which once rescued, turn into extremely cute singles. Yes, you read that right.

This is when the dungeon title stops being a dungeon title and turns into a romance game instead. Every character that spawned from a weapon has their own specific weapon that they can equip, from an epee to a dagger. The game also utilizes dialogue scenes to win over these weapon dudes and dudettes. Also, one of the eligible bachelors is a cat.


Boyfriend Dungeon will  come out sometime in 2019. You can visit their website here. 


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