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BLACK CAT D.VA Skin Revealed for Overwatch via Twitter

The massive online multiplayer first person shooter Overwatch has been in the news lately. The game which is developed by Blizzard Entertainment has been always held in high regards in terms of maintaining a close relationship with it’s players. Which is precisely the reason why the developers constantly try to add new and interesting features to the game.


The latest of these features came in the form of an incremental update that saw the addition of a new map and a host of new skins for the already existing playable characters in the game. And recently, Overwatch gave one of it’s most iconic and popular characters ever, D.Va a complete makeover.

The new skin for D.Va is a legendary item that was announced on the game’s twitter page. As of the writing of this article, D.Va’s skin is going to be one of four legendary skins for the game’s characters. The update which has been deemed the “cosmetic” update, focuses on making more items available to the players through regular loot boxes.

The new legendary skin for D.Va adds to the character cat like ears, a black outfit, blonde hair and pink highlights on her weapon which also has a cat’s bell dangling on it. Also there’s a tail.



Overwatch also saw the release of the “Blizzard World” update which added the map of the same name to the game. The map is a homage to numerous other games that are developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The map is an amusement park with separate areas and sections dedicated to numerous Blizzard developed games like WarCraft and Diablo amongst others.

Overwatch can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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