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For a game with a somewhat restricted release (the retail version is not out yet), Playerunknown’s Battleground has managed to amass quite a large gathering of followers who swear by it. The game has been quite popular, especially on the YouTube and Twitch platforms. The game was released as an early access title on Steam in March 2017 and sold approximately thirteen million copies in 7 months, according to Wikipedia.

Developed and published by PUBG Corp., the game follows an online multiplayer battle royale gameplay style. At the starting of a game, 100 people parachute into an island and henceforth must fight each other in an area that continuously keeps decreasing in radius. The players start with nothing and have to find weapons when they land on to the island or loot them off of the opponents they have managed to kill. The reduction area essentially renders the “camping” (which is when a player hides and waits for all the other opponents to kill each other) gameplay style obsolete since the player who fails to reach the restricted play field in the given time is automatically killed off.

However, on 13th June 2017, PUBG’s official twitter account announced that the game will be getting a zombie mode which will feature a team of 5 players against 95 zombies, who, unlike traditional Zombies (which are slow and mindless) will be fast and agile. The tweet also featured a video along with the announcement which showcased the zombie mode action. However, another tweet posted later did clarify that the developers will prioritize the optimization of the game.

The retail version of the game is expected to come out later in 2017 and an Xbox version of the game is also planned. No ETA was given on the release of the Zombie mode in the game.

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