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Atlas says Player will have choice to do Puzzle or not in Catherine Full Body

Catherine: Full Body, the remake to Catherine, is scheduled to release in Winter 2018, although it could be as late as early 2019. The scheduled date is released for Japan on platforms PS4 and PS Vita. A Western release is confirmed, but no date has been announced yet. Now among the many new features the remake will have, a major one is that, apparently, Full Body is changing the main style of the game. The Catherine was focused upon solving puzzles to overcome the nightmares, the protagonist was facing due to his relationship issues. Recently, Atlus have released some more details on the remake of the block-puzzle title, Catherine: Full Body. Catherine: Full Body has changed the ways, apparently the puzzle solving is no longer mandatory in the game.

The details that came forward are scattered and vague, but to catch the main glimpse of it, we found out that Full Body will have new episodes that will that will feature more of the “Catherine-style path of righteousness”. There are new ending created for all of the three Catherines, that are claimed to be more aggressive, erotic and even more stylish than the original’s. The game will also feature new content and events such as new anime movies. The trailer was recently released.

Out of all the details we could make out, one of the most intriguing one was regarding the gameplay. Studio Zero suggested that solving the puzzles would now be optional for people who are not good at it, or do not enjoy it. Though they haven’t announced this officially or specified on it, it is stated that “anyone will be able to play the game from start to finish”.
So anyone hating on the puzzles can now enjoy the game’s story fully without having to deal with the stress of it.

If you are a puzzle lover you’re surely going to love the game, but if you’re not, no need to worry, you’re still going to love the game. Studio Zero, by putting solving puzzles as an option has made sure that people have no excuse to deny themselves of playing this game.

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