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Art of fighting 2 Re-Released on Nintendo Switch

“Art of Fighting 2” is a fighting, arcade game which was first released by SNK in 1994. The game has recently been re-released on Nintendo Switch on the 18th of January.

The gameplay contains twelve fighters who compete to be crowned as one of the strongest one in the “King of Fighters” ultimate fighting championship. New mechanics has also been included in the re-release such as revamped “Rage Guage”, the attacks are in both strong and weak ways and much more smoother with better delivery, and also there is a presence of a landing recovery mechanic which are going to make battles even more pushing. The game will of course contain a few difficulty options to choose from the level of difficulty the player wants to play with. The game also reproduces the settings of arcade display at that time. Players from all over the world can complete via their high scores.

The Art of Fighting 2 released in 1994 was an improvement to the original Art of Fighting in a lot of ways, including an extended single-player roster featuring Takuma and the debut of his daughter, Yuri. The game also provided a much more graceful gameplay, filled with challenging levels. Even if the player was to reach the final round without losing any battle along the way, final boss Mr Big was replaced by Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard, who apparently loves crossovers.

The lack of popularity of Art of Fighting 2 may had been because of its insanely difficult A.I, which saw many player drop in 20p, not being able to pass even the first match, players just switched to other games. Though surpassing the issues with Art of Fighting 2, the game does feature greatly detailed stages and amazing sprites to deal with. The game also includes a 12 characters roster.

The game has now been re-released for Nintendo Switch and is available for the price of $8. The game’s Switch version will also come with a two player mode setting in addition to its already present arcade mode. The new mode might be much more entertaining to people rather than the arcade one. Hopefully, the game will gain much more traffic this time and players will enjoy the masterpiece arcade series vibe with the game.

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