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Agony Trailer, Release Date and Everything to know so Far

Agony is an upcoming survival horror first person shooter title that is developed by debutante Madmind Studio and published by PlayWay.  Agony also received attention from players for being developed on the Unreal Engine 4.In the recent Gameplay trailer the graphics and environment appears really disturbing and horrifying but with exceptional detailing.


What Is Agony All About?

AGONY follows the player as they play as one of the Martyrs, a tormented soul condemned to hell with no recollection of his past. The game also gives the players a special ability to control people and possess simple-minded demons. Dark and Twisted atmosphere, bottomless pits of blood, horrifying visuals consisting of distorted figures nor demons nor humans.This is how the world of Agony is. Piles and piles of dead bodies, floor made of flesh and blood and spooky really sets the mood for this horrifying and somewhat disturbing game called AGONY.


Gameplay elements of AGONY

The game starts as the player character falls out of the sky along with various others directly descending to a dark portal into Hell. Only burned bones remains as on the journey to this dark dimension. We play as one of these falling souls in AGONY.As during ‘The Fall’ our body get burned and destroyed and ultimately only our Astral body remains which seems a AGONY in its self.


Player can possess people and various Demons during the gameplay. Being able to control not only other martyrs but also lesser and eventually higher demons gives way to accessing special abilities as the player progresses through the game.The player can collect hidden statues that are scattered throughout the game and paintings that can be discovered in different levels hidden.

There is no particular inventory in AGONY as for now as seen in the trailers the player will need to solve puzzles so as to unlock new areas. As the story progresses player will need to complete objectives in form of possessing Higher Demons and Solving puzzles to get through the next area. Apart from controlling and possessing, you can swim, Crouch, Hide and perform other actions like talking to NPC’s and collecting items during the gameplay.There seems to be a mention of a ‘Red Goddess’  and she is the key to all this ultimately setting the premise for the story of AGONY.

Enemies and Demons in AGONY

There seems to be multiple enemies and NPC’s presented in AGONY. Like instance, the Lady Demon with grotesque and only a mouth instead of a whole face can be commenly seen in the trailers. There also seem to be multiple Tormented souls and Martyrs along the way ready to be possessed. Lady without a head, Bearded man demon killing a baby, Big reptile demon torturing small demons and revenents of hell is just a normal day as it seems.

Take a look at some of the Enemies present in AGONY.

The game is definitely not for people who are either squeamish or are scared easily since it has a very gory and dark appeal to it. There is also a copious amount of nudity involved in the game. Agony also received generally favorable first impressions among the gaming community. Gameranks rewarded Agony second place in their Top 10 Games from Gamescom 2016 rank.


There two official Trailers released on youtube. One was featuring player as a Martyr and the objective was to possess a Higher Demon caged in a pit. And the second Trailer featured a Demon gameplay in a different area completing a different objective.

Release Date and Platforms

Agony comes out on the 30th of March 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Find out more at AGONY’S Official website Here.

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