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Ad Infinitum Trailer, Release Date, Minimum System Requirements & Gameplay


Ad Infinitum is an upcoming horror first person shooter being developed by German indie game studio StrixLab. The game has been in development for quite a while now and was added to Steam’s Green Light section in 2015. The developers of the game have not shared a lot of information regarding the game however, what we found, can be read below.




Ad Infinitum is not like your average first person shooter. From what could be discerned from the trailers and various screenshots of the game, it follows a lone soldier trying to desperately navigate through trenches and trying to avoid a superhuman entity.


And avoiding seems to be an integral aspect of the core gameplay style of Ad Infinitum. The player must solve puzzles, avoid traps and cross trenches while trying to not get caught by the pale and tall spooky looking creature.


The developers have made various updates and announcements regarding the game in the past (mostly through their twitter account) and plan on releasing pre alpha gameplay footage in the near future.



The game lays heavy emphasis on atmospheric elements like lighting and sound in order to enhance the horror aspect of the gameplay. The game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4.

Availability and Release

Ad Inifnitum will be released for the PC (however ports to other game consoles might be in the works as well). No release date has been issued by the developers and probably would not be any time in the upcoming future since the game is still in its pre alpha stage.

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