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1993’s World Heroes 2 is available on Nintendo Switch; with a 8$ Price Tag

Old time Neo Geo (which was a well known gaming console back in the day) title World Heroes 2 has been recently released for the Nintendo Switch on the 25th of January 2018 for a price of $8. The game can be purchased on the Switch’s online store which is called “eShop”



World Heroes 2 was released back in 1998 and served as a sequel to World Heroes which was a rip off of the extremely popular Street Fighter series. The game was quickly replaced by a more advanced and better optimised “Jet” version and to this day is considered to be one of the most popular early fighting games ever made.

While the “Jet” edition of the game has managed to make it to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, it is still absent from Nintendo Switch. The stock version of the game that is available on the Switch does bring new characters to the table though. Six new characters to be exact.


The game also adds a Deathmatch mode which is different from the 1993 iteration of World Heroes 2 in the sense that instead of two separate life bars, this multiplayer mode has a single one for both the players in the team. The multiplayer mode on the Switch edition of the game also allows for players to compete with other players online.

As mentioned above, World Heroes 2 was released for the Nintendo Switch on the 25th of January 2018 and is available on the platform’s online store for a price of $8.

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