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CUPHEAD is all about re-paying a ‘Debt’ to the ‘Devil’

Cuphead is an indie run and gun title developed by StudioMDHR Entertainment. The game follows Cuphead, and in multiplayer mode, him and his brother Mugman, residents of Inkwell Isle on a mission to collect the contracts of the other inhabitants of Inkwell Isle after a deal that they make with the devil goes awry. Cuphead must go through all the contracts in order to keep the devil from taking his soul.

Cuphead is the first game by StudioMDHR Entertainment and it’s development started in 2010. As acknowledged by the creators, the game was inspired by cartoons produced by Disney, Fleischer Studios etc.  Cuphead was finally released for Xbox One and Windows on 29th September 2017 with potential released for MacOS and Linux slated for sometime in the future.

The game follows classic run and gun manoeuvres with Cuphead being able to use multiple movies like run, jump, dash etc while shooting blasts from his fingers. What the game does brilliantly is to recreate the classic early 1900’s colour cartoon feel. Everything from the game’s visuals to the in game environment and the player’s movement are nostalgic to the point where they might make the player think of early Popeye or Tom and Jerry cartoons. The music has also been implemented in such a manner that it magnificently compliments the gameplay without ever being intrusive or presumptuous. However the game is incredibly hard to beat and in spite of having a familiar and cartoonish feel to it, follows largely grey themes like treachery, gambling, and evil.

Cuphead has received largely favourable reviews since it release with many a people citing it’s aesthetics and familiar gameplay style to be commendable. The soundtrack and the difficulty management were also applauded. The developers plan on expanding Cuphead via expansion packs with 10-15 bosses each.

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